PROSA is now an IMA Partner

It is with great pleasure that we can announce PROSA as a new partner with IMA. PROSA is not only the one labour association for organised IT Professionals in Denmark, it is also free to be a member of PROSA/STUD while studying. With a study-membership you will have free access to all PROSA’s IT-events and you will have the opportunity to use their benefits such as insurance, cloud file sharing and bank account, among other things.

If you are not already a member of PROSA join today and have the chance to participate in IT-political debats of how we can secure the future of IT-educations and how we apply IT in todays society.

For more information please visit and join them on Facebook.







CA A-kasse is now an IMA partner 

It is with pleasure to announce that CA A-kasse has signed a partnership contract with IMA. CA wishes to come closer to the members of IMA and give insight to all their benefits – both while studying and after graduation. CA provides funding when unemployed as well as personal coaching and support in preparing for your next job, advice on how to write your CV and job application and they offer a wide range of courses and workshops. CA has more than 58.000 members across Denmark.






The IMA study trip 2017

Dear all,

The destination for this year’s study trip has been decided. With great contribution from you all, we have selected Silicon Valley as this years destination. As you know, Silicon Valley is home to a lot of inspiring and great organisations and we will create a programme that should fulfill any desire for visiting both large, established corporations as well as smaller entrepreneurial businesses.

The official programme will begin on Monday the 3rd of April to the 7th of April. On Monday the 9th of January, at 12:00 pm we will release all 27 tickets for the Silicon Valley Trip. The sign-up is then open for 14 days and after that a deposit of 1000 Dkr will be required. Though, last year, on our succesfull trip to Dublin, the tickets were sold out really fast, so don’t wait too long.

A full programme will follow.

Two board members have retired 

When the new semester started around the 1st. of September, two members resigned – Lene Krogsgaard Svinth and Anders Bersang.

Lene, former Business Relations Manager, graduated from IT, Communication and Organisation back in June and is currently employed as Project Manager at JN Data A/S. In her role as Business Relations Manager, Lene has contributed greatly to events in IM-A the last year. Among other, she managed to gather large donations for our Dublin Study in Spring, which helped many members financially.

Anders, former Vice-Chairman, is currently an intern a Novo Nordisk in the Copenhagen area, which is why he decided that his seat in the Board would be to better use for a new member. Through his role as Vice-Chairman, Anders, among other, have created a very succesful study trip to Copenhagen, which had a large number of participants and was a great succes for IM-A.

We are sad that two valued board members have resigned, though from the rest of the Board we say thank you and wish you both good fortunes for the future.

Bankdata, new partner of IMA

IMA is pleased to announce Bankdata as our new business partner, effective January 1 – 2016. Bankdata will provided the Im-a member the opportunity to feel & see how exciting financial IT development can be. Through the cooperation with Im-a Bankdata want to inspire the students for an interesting career path.  Bankdata is Jutlands largest IT-development company with more than 650 employees located in Silkeborg and Fredericia.  Bankdata will hold their first event in February 2016 at Aarhus University, which will be a complete evening event.

Read more about Bankdata here

Nordea is now an IMA partner

It is with pleasure to announce that Nordea has signed a partnership contract with IMA. Nordea wants to open up the closed world of banking and show the members of IMA which exciting IT tasks they are handling every day. As Nordea’s headquarter is located in Copenhagen they will be part of the annual copenhagen trip, which will take place in April.



Study trip to Dublin

Dear fellow IMA members,

Thank you for your participation in the voting regarding the annual study trip. In order to meet your expectations, we are happy to announce that the destination for the study trip 2016 will be DUBLIN – and already by now we can guarantee an exciting and an amazing trip! J We are currently in contact with several companies, though do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or contacts. It has been decided that the official date for the study trip will be the 29th of march to the 2nd of april 2016. It has been decided that you are responsible for planning the transportation to and from Dublin yourself, in order to make room to visit the lovely city for additional days if you would like to. We will book a hotel/hostel on behalf of all the members and are currently in dialogue with different opportunities.

We expect that the price for the whole trip will be approx. DKK. 3.500, which will include the following:

  • Flight and train tickets from Aarhus-Copenhagen-Dublin (remember your own responsibility)
  • Accommodation
  • Local transportation in Dublin

We will give you a more detailed description of the trip in the following weeks – so stay tuned! The official sign-up date for this fantastic trip will be Thursday 10th of December 2015, 12:00 am with the limitation of 24 members. Please be aware that you must pay DKK 500 in deposit no later than 17th of December 2015.

We are looking forward to arrange this great trip and hope you will contribute to make it even better!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the trip to Dublin.

Best regards
The IMA board


New board in IMA

Dear all IMA members.

As some of you may know, there has been a slight change in the board. Since the general assembly in the end of September, this year, all board members has been replaced. We are all very pleased to be selected for this job, and we promise to do whatever we can to make IMA an interesting association for all IT interested. Feel free to check out our updated page about ‘The Board’, to get a face on the new board members. If you have any inquiries please do let us know, as IMA is your association and we are always eager to hear your ideas.