Become a Partner

One of the most important functions of IMA is to strengthen the contact between the members of the association and the corporate world. If your company is interested in achieving a greater contact to IT/Business students at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, you are more than welcome to contact us at

Information Management Association is an association for everyone who has an interest in IT at Aarhus University, including Business & Social Sciences. IMA’s goal is to create a stronger connection between the members of the association and the corporate world. In addition, IMA organises several social activities to create a mutual gathering point for the members.

The Company Partnership lasts at least one semester, and primarily consist of one event per semester which is being held at either the company it self or at Aarhus University. An event can be of different duration and include different elements, such as:- A presentation of the company or a graduate/trainee programme

A present topic which the company and IMA agrees on together, e.g:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • CMMI
  • How to write a CV and application
  • Case work
  • Certification
  • Participating in a fair

The elements and themes for the event is agreed upon mutually between the company and the board of IMA, to secure that the event will give value to both parties.

IMA is responsible for promoting the event to the members of the association, as well as within other associations on Aarhus University, including Studenterlauget, UNITY and ASB Career Center.

The company is responsible for beverages and, if possible, food (however IMA can help make reservations), and also for having relevant employees participate at the event. Furthermore the company is obliged to provide a company description for IMAs home page.

Below is listed some of the benefits of being a company partner at IMA:

  • Having your logo on a central location (
  • Company description on (up to three links)
  • Listing of jobs, courses etc directly to our members.
  • Direct and CHEAP promotion of the company to students
  • Events with interested students at both bachelor and master level
  • Helping a good cause

If you wish to know more, please contact:


Best regards,
The Board of IMA